Torche Concert Review

Torche has restored my faith in rock music.

I have been very vocal about how much I like Torche. They raised the bar again when they recently played the New World Brewery in Tampa. Torche is hands down one of the best live shows around, and they prove time and time again why they should be closer to the top of the pantheon of the current metal scene.


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The Gills – Fresh as Lemonade

The Gills Logo

THE GILLS! The name kind of makes me want to scream it. This upbeat punk/pop/rock hybrid sound coming from Nashville via Pensacola, Florida is sure to get you on your feet. I got the chance to listen to The Gills over the past week, and I gotta admit. I’m impressed.

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Beach Weather Debuts New Skin

Earlier this week, we were gifted with some sweet Indie Rock from Beach Weather, the most recent project for Nick Santino of A Rocket To The Moon fame. “New Skin” is the first video off of their debut EP What A Drag and the song is catchy as hell.

Beach Weather
Beach Weather

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Free Metallica Concert Stream

Finally something good about the massive over-saturation of Super Bowl coverage. Or do I need to refer to it is The Big Game, because RARA’s Farm is not yet the Official Rock Blog of the NFL? In any case, under the super-catchy name, “The Night Before” Metallica will be playing a concert, which will be streamed live in HD for free!

Metallica The Night Before
Metallica The Night Before

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Moonstone Expands Killer Lineup

The inaugural Moonstone Festival just kicked it up a notch. Already boasting KISS, Def Leppard, The Flaming Lips and Kansas, today the Orlando-based festival announced a slew of exciting new acts. Read on for the highlight acts, but simply put, this is shaping into one hell of a special event.

moonstone logo

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Dead Deads Debut Super Tiny Video

It’s been one hell of a start to 2016 for our favorite quintet of Nashville rockers. The Dead Deads have just disembarked from a raucous week rocking the high seas and then quickly released the video for their new single “Super Tiny” which you can sample below.

Nashville's Dead Deads
Nashville’s Dead Deads

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New Music from Three Cities

Just last week I received more than 100 music submittals from rock bands all over the world.  I listen to the stuff that intrigues me, and then decide to share less than 10% of what I hear.  This week, I got an email from Three Cities that intrigued me.

three cities

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